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Create a culture of
sustainable productivity

With the rise of employee burnout and a historically competitive job market, organizations that value their employees' lives in and out of the office attract, retain, and inspire the best talent. Simone combines his background as an award-winning journalist and world-class storyteller to help individuals and organizations create cultures of sustainable productivity.


Address the root causes of burnout

Burnout is not just about a misallocation of time. Understand the three distinct types of burnout and different science-backed interventions to address them at the source.

Attract the best talent

In the war for talent, competition has never been so fierce. Learn the best practices employers and managers are using to attract, retain, and engage their best people.

Apply actionable insights

Simone customizes each of his talks to fit your organization's unique challenges by translating the latest social science research into relevant practices you can apply right away.

Anticipate what's coming next

From AI to remote work, every leader is navigating how the changing world of work will impact their industry. Stay ahead of the trends by identifying the signals for where the future of work is headed. 

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Anisse Gross, Airbnb

“Our team left energized about integrating the ideas from his book into their work lives and expressed their appreciation for being able to speak candidly about work-life balance."

Andre Martin, Google

"Simone is an absoloute force. He is a seasoned speaker with the rare gift of making complex ideas, simple and relatable. As a facilitator, he creates the space to explore, to question, and to grow."

CJ Jackson, Guild

Simone is a thoughtful, provocative, and engaging speaker. Our team couldn't get enough of him. They talked about how much useful knowledge, perception-shifting data he shared — and he was very funny, too!

Everyone wants to develop a healthier relationship to work. Simone shows you how.


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